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checkpoint 8.1
Heighten salience of goals and objectives

Over the course of any sustained project or systematic practice, there are many sources of interest and engagement that compete for attention and effort. For some learners, they need support to remember the initial goal or to maintain a consistent vision of the rewards of reaching that goal. For those learners, it is important to build in periodic or persistent “reminders” of both the goal and its value in order for them to sustain effort and concentration in the face of distracters.

  • Prompt or require learners to explicitly formulate or restate goal
  • Display the goal in multiple ways
  • Encourage division of long-term goals into short-term objectives
  • Demonstrate the use of hand-held or computer-based scheduling tools
  • Use prompts or scaffolds for visualizing desired outcome
  • Engage learners in assessment discussions of what constitutes excellence and generate relevant examples that connect to their cultural background and interests

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